As sustainability becomes increasingly important for the conservation of our planet, we think business is a powerful tool to help create a greener future for all of us. We have tried to make every single aspect of our small business as sustainable as possible. Below we have outlined how we've been able to accomplish this as well as some of the issues we have faced.


Paper Selection

Every single one of our prints are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper 290gsm. We chose to use this as it requires far less land area and water to produce than other papers, resulting in a much lighter footprint than wood-pulp or cotton. Bamboo is very fast growing and doesn't require fertilisers or pesticides making it super re-generative and environmentally friendly. This makes it just about the most sustainable paper you can get for inkjet compatible fine art print paper. 


Print Packaging

Sizes A3 and A4 prints are packaged in mailer boxes that are made from 60% - 90% recycled materials (small remaining percent of materials are sustainably sourced). They contain no plastic or plastic tape, instead water based paper tape and very small amounts of adhesive is used to seal up the mailer box them 100% recyclable.

Sizes A2 and A1 are packaged in super strong kraft mailing tubes, also 100% recyclable.   

All the sizes come in archival polypropylene sleeves. We are completely aware that this material is not earth friendly but is the industry standard when it comes to keeping fine art prints stable. We've sourced the best quality sleeve we can find so that they can be reused and repurposed. They are archival, super strong, crystal clear and acid-free. 

The materials that are used such as the paper and the inks, are very sensitive and do require very careful care to insure that the print surface does not mark in any way. Many biodegradable plastics on the market are great for most users but they are not suitable for fine art prints. They could leech elements on to the print paper and cause them to turn yellow.

Due to our papers being made from bamboo, tissue paper can not be used directly on to the prints as it can actually cause friction and graze the printed surface. That is why the prints are packaged in the sleeves and then the tissue paper.  

These archival sleeves are the only part of our packaging that is not recycled or biodegradable. That is why we have made a special effort to make all of our other packaging materials environmentally friendly, from our water based tape to our mailer boxes.   

Planting Trees 

With each print you buy, 10 trees are planted in areas that are affected by deforestation to help the rebuilding process of damaged ecosystems. But not only that, you are also helping the local communities by providing them with employment and also helping the planet by reducing global warming. 

We have partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects, supporting reforestation campaigns in Nepal, Mozambique, Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia. Find our more on our Reforestation page.